This site is devoted to my views on all things marketing and my obsession for technology, gadgets, and business in general.

I currently lead all marketing for Quantivo, a cloud-based behavioral analytics solution, with responsibilities for all aspects of marketing strategy, product strategy, branding, and communications.  Prior to Quantivo, I worked for contract management software vendor Nextance, management consulting firm Accenture, CRM behemoth Siebel Systems, and e-procurement pioneer FreeMarkets.  Check out my full resume here.  I’m also the co-author of Behavioral Analytics For Dummies, have written numerous articles, and am a regular presenter at industry events both large and small.

If you have any thoughts or opinions, pro or con, on my posts, please comment to your heart’s content.  If you would like to have a deeper conversation, feel free to call me at 415.997.8335 or email me at jrushin at gmail dot com.

As for the blog’s name…  My life was shaped by the happenings in and around 13 Plymouth Avenue, in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, but I’ve come a long way, in both philosophy and distance, since those days. Over the last several decades, I’ve learned that your past defines how you interpret and appreciate your current and how you guide your future.  In some aspects, I want to get far away from my past; in others, I want to hold on to it dearly.

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